About Us

Hello, everyone! Emma here, and I’d like to welcome you to my new site, HowASMR.com.

We live in a beautifully diversified world with a plethora of various sounds! Whether in nature or in the city, the sound is an important part of our everyday life.

As someone who meditates on a regular basis, I’ve discovered that there are two kinds of noises. Those made outside of ourselves as well as those created inside and by ourselves.

By entering a state of attention in which we examine what is happening, or in this instance, the noises that are produced moment by minute.

It may be quite enjoyable! Consider all the noises you’ve heard throughout your life. If you experiment with this for a while, you could see that there are so many memories associated with sound.

Songs may elicit emotional responses that are linked to prior occurrences. Specific recollections are bound to surface! These memories are not evil nor nice; they are just classified by this marvelously fantastic intellect we have!

The promotion of mental health awareness raises the issue of whether or not the soul and spirit are nourished and replenished by the lives that we lead today.

Please take a seat and listen carefully as the new generation of holistic healers, who have more on their plates than a simple blue pill cure, share their insights with you. The autonomous sensory meridian response, often known as ASMR, is rapidly emerging as the next big thing in medicine as an alternative form of treatment for a rising worldwide pandemic.