Conair Sound Therapy and Relaxation Clock Radio Review

The phrase “Soothes infants to sleep” is used as the tag line for this particular product. There aren’t too many newborns that we are aware of that employ an morning alarm. We are going to overlook Conair’s carelessness over this matter. We have too much respect for the group to constantly criticise them.

We were thrilled to learn that the SU7 will soon be available to consumers. There were insufficient numbers of sound devices that included an alarm clock, let alone a dual alarm! Many thanks to Conair

First Impressions

The moment we laid eyes on it, we were struck by how much it resembles the Obus Forme. The only reasonable assumption we can make is that the Chinese manufacturer for both Obus and Conair holds the contract for both companies. The Conair, on the other hand, is larger in every respect and weighs 5 ounces.

The hue is ivory, and there are silver buttons on the garment. In point of fact, there are 21 buttons spread throughout the device’s upper surface.

The Alarm Clock

This alarm clock has a contrast button, a dim button, and twin alarms in its feature set. You have the option to wake up to the natural world.

noises, doorbell, or the radio may be heard. The radio tuner itself is a turn wheel; however, the radio station is shown in digital format on the clock.

screen; awesome! You are able to fall asleep to any of the sounds of nature as long as the buzzer is the sound of your alarm (which is).

either a radio or one that truly beeps. We discovered that in order to properly set the alarm, we needed to pay strict attention to the provided instructions, but to accomplish this goal, you do not need to hold a degree in rocket science.


The Obus Forme has not one, not two, but ten unique sounds.

  • The songs of a variety of exotic birds may be heard in the tropical forest. We can make out three or four of the birds. The bird known as a coo-coo. may as well go take a hike. The sound is clean, and there is no audible break in the continuity.
  • The thunderstorm isn’t exactly ideal. It performs better when the volume is turned down, but the size of the speakers prevents the device from achieving its full potential any rumbling rumbles or rumbles.
  • Summer Night : Just Right! The sound of frogs and crickets singing together is really pleasant. Nice Ocean Waves to Look at! Again, this is best experienced at a lesser volume, although it does position you quite close to the water’s edge.
  • White Noise: It’s Just Right! The treble and bass components of this white noise are balanced to perfection. It is examined, but we are unable to choose it. get rid of the splice. Additionally, it performs well at huge volumes.
  • Heartbeat is an excellent suggestion for a new mom who is interested in putting their child to sleep and seems like a fantastic concept to us. It is as if the sound were muted inside of the womb.
  • Concerning songbirds, we have a few questions and concerns about this topic. The birds are there and provide a wonderful sound, but in addition to that there is the babbling of a brook or stream.
  • White noise is often referred to as “waterfall” if it is produced by a sound machine. The waterfall in this structure sounds like in the background there is white noise with a faint sound of water splashing. We like it.
  • Running Stream – Very Nice. It’s exactly the same as the songbirds, except without the actual songbirds.
  • The rainfall was just what was needed. Many machines’ rains have an excessive amount of treble in them. The Obus Forme assigned a lower score to the treble in order to create a rain sound that is more authentic.


The operation is straightforward; all you have to do is keep in mind to press the “power” button in order to listen to the natural noises.

Additionally, the machine may be powered by four AA batteries. Place the batteries inside the clock so that it will continue to work even if the power goes off.


8″ x 6″ x 2.25″. The total weight of the device, including the power cable, is 1 pound and 5 ounces. Excellent for traveling.

Maximum volume measured at 18″ above unit at full loudness is 82 decibels.


If you remember to bring the owner’s handbook with you, you will enjoy using this equipment. We believe that this is a good buy for the price.

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