Dex Sound Sleeper SS-01 Review

Take our advice: whether you’re buying a sound machine for yourself or as a present for someone else, spend the few additional bucks to get a better one! It is significant in that regard. The Dex 22-01 is affordable, but more importantly, it’s inexpensive! It seems to be a design from the year 1977. There is no option to pick white noise, and the buttons have a mushy, inconsistent feel to them. It has elements such as a warm summer night, rain, stream, ocean, wind, and womb. The aforementioned may have additional noises added to them using this capability. You may add a thunderclap, a seagull, a bird, or a buoy.

First Impressions

The box was in utter disrepair when it was delivered for usage. This suggests that there is a stockpile of these items somewhere in the globe that has been returned and is now awaiting to be resold so that they may be returned once again. The loudness is also rather lacking.

The fact that the model number (SS-01) begins with the same digits as a Homedics Sound Machine makes it an interesting choice. We have heard stories that this was formerly a product manufactured by Homedics, but that Dex purchased the rights to produce and sell it. After then, Homedics introduced the SS-200 (which is no longer for sale), and the company now sells a wide variety of sound machines.

Last Impression

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