Homedics Envirascape Sound Spa Classic SS-4000 Review

Because it would take too long to say, we will just refer to this as the 4000. The 4000, which was produced by Homedics, is a very well-liked sound machine. This device has a projected alarm clock in addition to its six different noises. Every photograph of this apartment creates the impression that it is rather spacious. It is really fairly little and lightweight (see below).


When compared to other machines of its kind, the sound quality is very high. In contrast to other models, such as the SU7, which provide a “waterfall” and “white noise” option each independently, the 4000 only provides the waterfall option. Because it is essentially just white noise, this causes some people to be perplexed. There is no sound of water gushing or anything like being heard. The other noises include rain, the ocean, thunder, a summer night, and the rain forest. Waves and seagulls are the constant noises that may be heard from the ocean. We decided against going to the rain woods since it seemed to be pouring there as well. Makes sense we think, just didn’t enjoy it. Similar to the performance of other computers in its price range, the thunderbolt sounds its finest at a lesser level. The white noise, which is a waterfall, has a really pleasing quality to its tone. We were not successful in locating the splice.

This device gives you the option to set your alarm to beep, radio, or even sounds of nature. You have the option to wake up to a different sound than what was playing on the device while you were sleeping.

Projection Feature

This is a pretty good function that is included with this device. You have the option to disable the projection function, and the clock face can be turned through 180 degrees, so that you are not forced to read the time backwards if the clock is placed in front of you. The concentration is spot on. The data speak for themselves. They are a touch too bright for our liking, and we would like to see a dim option on the projection section of the clock, just as there is on the main clock face. The numerals stand around 6 inches tall at a distance of approximately 5 feet.

Alarm Clock

The alarm clock does not take an expert to set.  There is no dual alarm feature.  


Length: 6.75”
Width: 7.25”
Height: 2.50”
Weight: 1 lb.
Decibels (at 18” full volume): 82 db


This is a very good sound machine with some very nice features.  We wish it had a dual alarm.  We are
giving it 4 stars based on the unit’s popularity and features.  Some sounds just could have been better.

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