How to Ensure You Wake Up to Your Alarm? – 4 Best Ways

It’s great to be able to sleep in until the last possible minute, but it may be frustrating to glance at the clock in the morning and see that it’s almost midday when you were intended to get up at 6:30. It is simple to condition your body to get used to an alarm clock, which may lead to circumstances that are humiliating and perhaps expensive; nevertheless, if you plan ahead a little bit, it will not be difficult for you to find a solution to this issue.

The following is a brief tip that will assist you in overcoming your habit of dozing off despite the sound of your alarm clock.

Change the alarm noise often.

Your ears eventually get used to hearing the same sound first thing in the morning, and after they’ve been taught to recognize the alarm sound, they won’t react to it anymore. You will have a higher chance of staying awake if the alarm sounds are continually shifting since this will lead you to wake up feeling a little disoriented each time it goes off. Alternate between many alarm clocks if you have the financial means to do so, or invest in a computer alarm clock that gives you the option of using a variety of mp3 files as a wake-up call.

Don’t use the snooze feature on your alarm.

My buddy was having trouble waking up on time for work and couldn’t figure out why he kept missing his alarm. One day, he was staying at my place, and I observed that his alarm went off approximately six times throughout the course of the day. When I asked him why he hadn’t gotten up, he replied that he generally wakes up first thing in the morning, but then he presses the snooze button many times and takes short naps before getting out of bed for good. This is not only a good way to attract problems, but it also does nothing to improve your sleeping patterns or your capacity to get up when an alarm goes off. If you give up using the snooze button, you will, despite the fact that it will be difficult at first, gradually be more awake when you wake up.

Place your alarm clock across the room.

It is much more difficult to ignore an alarm when you can’t reach over and turn it off, so consider positioning your alarm clock on a dresser or someplace else in your room where you’ll have to get up to stop it. This will make it much more difficult to ignore the alarm. Once you’ve come to, you should make a conscious decision to remain awake. It won’t be unpleasant to wake up because you won’t feel like you have to rush across the room, but the alarm will definitely wake you up and you’ll realize that you have to get up to stop it. Another option is to invest in an alarm that gradually gets louder. If you do this, you won’t feel like you have to rush across the room.

Find an ideal amount of sleep to get.

Do you ever wake up feeling totally revitalized and prepared to face the day? Take note of your sleeping patterns the night before the next time that occurs and pay attention to them. You should give sleeping for that length of time every night for a few weeks. If you find a quantity of sleep that is appropriate for your body, you could discover that you no longer need an alarm clock at all.

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