How to Start an ASMR Youtube Channel?

People often ask me, “What advice do you have for ASMR channels that are just getting started?” As a result, I came to the conclusion that the best way to provide my comprehensive list of hints would be in a blog post. My ASMR channel is comprised of a number of different aspects, and in comparison to other ASMRtists, my techniques are rather distinctive. However, the fact that everyone follows their own process makes the group all the more interesting to observe because of its diversity.

Here are some suggestions for ASMR:


Investing in some machinery ought to be your initial step; at least, that’s what I believe to be the case. However, the camera on your smartphone or the webcam on your computer may go a long way!

It is very acceptable if you are unable to make an investment in apparatus at this time. Find a stable and safe spot to set your phone or computer down before you begin recording so that there is no danger that it will slide or tilt while you are working. In addition to that, I’ve experienced significant tingling while using headphone mics. You most certainly have a tangled pair laying around someplace, don’t you think?

If you are able to invest in equipment, the following are some alternatives that are within your price range:

TASCAM DR-05$50-100Have never used this mic personally but have watched videos using it and is a great mic
TASCAM iM2$10-30For iPhones – also have never tried it before but it’s pretty inexpensive if you’re on a budget!
ZOOM H1$8-130I use this with my 3Dio but I do love it solely as well. Chocolat ASMR uses this mic
BLUE SNOWBALL$20-50Really affordable option if you’re just starting out
BLUE YETI$70-130My first microphone <3 will always hold a special place in my heart; got mine for $65 on eBay!


I’m not going to tell you that you need a medical degree in order to act out a cranial nerve examination, but having the right props will help ensure that your performance is taken seriously. There is a certain amount of professionalism involved in presenting oneself nicely in front of the camera, yet I am completely guilty of making a video just after I got out of the shower without giving it any thought whatsoever (wow, I must feel comfortable in front of you all).

Many people who do ASMR videos invest in props like rubber gloves and other items to enhance their audience’s overall experience. However, if it is not within your financial means, using hand sanitizer in front of the camera might also be a very effective alternative.


This is something with which I am SO guilty that it’s not even funny. I usually forget to check the audio to ensure that I get rid of any and all possible startles, and it’s driving me crazy (sorry everyone). iMovie is the program that I use to edit each and every one of my videos. It is of the utmost importance that your video and audio be in perfect sync with one another. The white noise removal feature of Audacity is used by a number of YouTube creators, including myself; nevertheless, despite my best efforts, I was unable to get satisfactory results with the program.


I’d say that I’m quite knowledgeable in Photoshop. Even though I like using Photoshop, I am by no means an expert in the program. I did, however, resort to watching a few videos on YouTube in order to get by.

Since YouTube now connects to your Google+ profile, you should definitely make a banner and solve any problems with it. I’m no expert at putting branding on my own channel, but I constantly notice and respect channels that manage to do so properly. Branding is crucial, but I’m not an expert at doing so.

Upload Schedule

One aspect of my channel that people usually compliment is the frequency with which I post new videos. Mind you, I work a full-time job Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, and before that, I was a full-time student at a prestigious institution. It is challenging to find time to shoot, edit, and publish content; believe me, I understand this. I was also not good at sticking to my timetable.

Due to the fact that I was a full-time student with night courses and loud housemates, I would shoot really late at night while everyone else was either sleeping or watching Netflix. My bedroom was located on the side of the house that faced the main avenue, so the fact that there was less traffic at this hour helped to lessen the noise from passing vehicles.


Developing content is, in my experience, a process that is both very collaborative and open to criticism. When determining which video to create next, I always make sure to take into account the feedback I get from viewers. In addition to this, I go through all of the comments that have been left on each video and make sure to take into consideration any insightful feedback that has been provided. It is essential to make a distinction between the subjective preferences of an individual and constructive criticism such as…

Compare and contrast the phrases “The audio is too soft” with “You are too subtle when you chew your gum.”

Having a thick enough skin to withstand criticism is another important aspect of being able to accept feedback. They are active and may be seen trolling online. Hard. Be prepared for individuals to provide their opinions on your work as if it were their responsibility to do so.

Put it in the back of your mind, get rid of it, or do whatever you want with it; just don’t let it hold you back.

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