Munchkin Crib Light Sound Machine Review

A baby shower is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate to a soon-to-be mother how much you care about her and the child that she will soon have. There has been a steady stream of new innovations in the field of newborn sound devices during the last several years. The Munchkin Crib Light Womb Sound Machine is one of the newest products to hit the shelves of retail establishments. It asserts to have voice activation, color, wound sound, or a combination of the two of these features.

First Impression

We appreciate that it is not too large. The straps will make it possible to connect it to a crib in a variety of different combinations. Because the baby is only one week old, the battery compartment has been secured with a Phillips screw to prevent the baby from opening the compartment and eating the four AA batteries.


The operation sound was similar to a muffled pulse, and there was no discernible splice in the have to say that the light show had to say that light display was spectacular. Very faint, with smooth transitions between a variety of hues. The sound of the womb was like a muffled heartbeat, and there was no discernible break in the loop anywhere in the recording. There is no way to adjust the level of the sound, and the volume is rather low, to begin with, the loop. There is no way to adjust the level of the sound, and the volume is rather low, to begin with. There is no way to adjust the level of the sound, and the volume is rather low, to begin with. Really low, and there is no way to adjust the level, no volume control.

After moving the switch to the sound-only position, we discovered that the device had turned off. We were required to press the start button once again. The sliding switches are inexpensive and have a poor definition of any ‘click into place’ sensation when activated. We are curious as to how long they will continue to exist.


Adult cough was heard from a distance of twenty feet. We simply have some reservations about the concept that a baby who cries would be rewarded with a display of lights and/or sounds. However, you have the option to disable this function. The word “womb” is the only sound that can be heard, and there is no additional sound or light display. However, you have the option to disable this function. There is no other option but to say “womb,” since that is the sole sound available choice.

The main issue is that the device turns off after ten minutes have passed! Now, I do know of some newborns that will fall asleep that quickly, but I have a daughter, and when she was a baby, she did not do that at all. You have the option to use the voice activation function, but why would you want to give the newborn a reward for crying?


At its thickest point, the Munchkin measures 6.25 inches by 5 inches by 2.185 inches. Even without the batteries, it only weighs nine ounces.


With a retail price of about $12.95, this is an affordable present. The only thing about the device that really impressed me was the light display. It will not run without stopping, the level is rather low, there is only one sound, it just takes batteries, and the switches are very cheap. We strongly suggest shelling out a little extra money in order to get a plug-in sound machine that has a wide range of placement options.

A great number of pieces have womb in addition to a mix of other sounds. These devices will help block out unwanted sounds and provide the parents with a wide variety of music options along with more adaptability.

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