Obusforme Sound Therapy Machine Review

The Obus Forme Sound Therapy Relaxation System originates from our close neighbors to the north in Canada. The reliability of this product has been shown during the course of its time on the market (however our CRIs note that there was a problematic shipment in 2006, which necessitated the testing of each individual unit prior to delivery). Everything has been resolved, and the issues with the China suppliers have been “tuned up.”

First impressions

It looks like a teardrop. The hue is off-white, and the Obus Forme emblem provides a good contrast to the color. When one flexes the housing, there are no cracks or creaks to be seen in it. The volume knob, sometimes known as the “you can’t miss this” knob, is situated on the front of the device. In spite of what one would expect considering that the plastic is opaque, it does not light up. The button to turn it on and off is located in the middle of the top, and a red LED light will illuminate while it is active. We like the looks!


The Obus Forme offers 10, yes 10 different sounds!  

  • Tropical Forest – The sounds of different exotic birds.  We can pick out about four birds.  The coo coo bird could take a hike.  The sound is clear with no distinguishable splice.
  • Thunderstorm – Not so great.  It is better at low volume, but the size for the speakers restricts the unit from any thundering booms.  
  • Summer Night – Perfect!  The chirping of frogs and crickets is excellent.
  • Ocean Waves – Nice!  Again, better at lower volume, but it does put you right at the shore.
  • White Noise – Perfect!  This white noise is a perfect mix of treble and bass.  It is looked, but we cannot pick out the splice.  It’s good at high volume too.
  • Heartbeat – Sound good to us and is a great idea for the new parent wanting to put their infant to sleep.  The sound is muffled as if inside the womb.
  • Songbirds – We are a little confused on this one.  The birds are there and sound great, but there is also the sound of a brook running.
  • Waterfall – Most sound machine use the waterfall name as white noise.  This unit’s waterfall sounds like white noise with a hint of water splashing in the background.  We like it.  
  • Running Stream – Very nice.  It’s just like the songbirds, without the birds.
  • Rainfall – Just perfect.  Many machines have too much treble in their rain.  The Obus Forme downgraded the treble to give a more realistic rainfall sound.

This unit also has the option of a 60-minute timer on the side.  If not used, it will run forever when plugged in.


7.5” x 5.5” x 2.25”.  The unit and power cord weigh 1 lb, without batteries.  Good for travel.
Maximum volume measured at 18″ above unit at full volume is 84 decibels.


We like it.  A few of the sounds could use some upgrading, but for the money (retail is $32.95) we think this unit is a good buy.

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