Sound Oasis S-850-3 Travel Sound Machine/Clock

First Impressions

The new Sound Oasis S-850 travel alarm clock/sound machine has an appearance that is both contemporary and current. It has a really sturdy feel about it. On a device that can produce 19 sounds, yes, we said 19 noises, there are relatively few buttons to choose from. It is equipped with a rotating volume control for those times when there is insufficient light to locate the buttons. When the snooze button is pressed, the face of the clock illuminates in a pleasing shade of blue and remains lighted for around four seconds using the power supplied by the battery. If you often find yourself in the same time zone when travelling, you may take use of a convenient function called “home” or “away” that prevents you from having to adjust the clock or your alarm. If you choose away mode, it will also display the time at home in a smaller type on