Timex Tm-80 Mp3 Alarm Clock Review

Apologies are in order at this point; we promise to examine this new sound machine as objectively as possible, despite our enthusiasm over the fact that it has just been introduced to the market. It will be objective, but it does not mean that we cannot be excited about this unit’s extensive list of features!

First Impressions

The TM80 is a really attractive piece of equipment.  There are no strange contours or baffling buttons.  It does not make an effort to appeal to a certain generation or gender in particular.  The way they appear makes it clear that they are focused on the business of sleeping and waking up.  Additionally, batteries are already included in the package!

SD Card/Jump Drive

The TM80 has brought itself up to speed with modern technology and altered it so that it can sleep. You’ll be in hog heaven if you’re someone who’s really like sound machines. You may take your favourite MP3 sounds and place them on an SD card, and then you can listen to more than 12 hours of uninterrupted sound on a 1 gigabyte SD card. This is made possible by the SD card port. Let’s assume that you really like your white noise CD, but you despise the fact that it needs to repeat itself around once every 70 minutes. After ripping the CD to MP3, joining the individual tracks using a piece of free audio software such as Audacity, and transferring the finished product to your SD card, you will be ready to go.

The USB port on your jump drive will function normally, but you should use caution while using it. Your music will only play for 99 minutes and 59 seconds, just as it does on other devices that we have seen that include a USB connection. We suggest putting music on the jump drive (also known as a flash drive) and utilising the SD card for white noise or another sound that helps you sleep. There is also a connector for your iPod or MP3 player on the back of the device! However, it will not charge your iPod in any way.


This device has a clock that may be set by itself. It’s not an atomic clock; it merely adjusts itself. It contains two alarms, and you can set each one to a different tone or alarm so that you wake up feeling refreshed. The brightness of the clock face may be adjusted. It is both excellent and large in size.

Other Cool Stuff

•        Full function remote that also has a snooze control on it
•        Will also play WMA files
•        MP3 player line-in jack
•        Equalizer with four settings (flat, rock, jazz, pop and classic)
•        Battery backup that will sound the alarm at wake up time even if the power is still out
•        AM/FM Radio with pre-sets


Like mentioned before, you provide your own sleep sounds if you wish.  The sound quality on this unit is
the best we have heard.  One of our testers, a long time white noise sleeper, has refused to give it back
and at the time of this writing and has taken it with her while traveling out of town.  She has offered to pay us for it though.  She says it’s simply the best product on the market.  


Height: 4″
Width: 4″
Length: 8″
Weight: 4 lbs
Decibels at 18”: 88 db w/ white noise SD card


At $79.99 retail, this is no cheap sound machine, but we believe it is worth every penny.  Timex quality
shows through.  If you’re a beginner white noise sleeper, go ahead and try out a less expensive model, but when your ready to graduate up, look no further than the Timex TM80.

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