Uplifting Songs for ASMR

So, ASMR is the meaning of life. But music is also a vital part of existence. I have a lot of pride in both my musical choice and my SoundCloud account. But since you asked, I’ll go ahead and play you a few of my all-time favorite tunes.

I like listening to a variety of music, including songs that are fun and lively as well as those that are serious and gloomy. To go with the concept of ASMR, however, I have collected a list of all of my go-to feel-good songs, which I hope will fill your heart with contentment to the same extent that they have done so for me, and maybe even become a favorite song of yours as well?!

Before I relocated to Texas, I was searching aimlessly on the internet and came upon this song. I’m drawn to tracks that have a variety of interesting and unusual sounds, like the sound of water dripping or acoustic drum rhythms. In addition to this, I also like how the music is referred to as “zZz,” and how the voice sample says “Like a lullaby.”


This one may be a classic, but it still holds up well. I first heard this song when it was used in an advertisement for a vehicle while I was in high school. I was able to identify it using Shazam, and it quickly became one of my most-played tracks on iTunes. I find it to be uplifting and motivating, and I hope you do as well.

Yes, the others on this list are rather similar, but this one is a little bit unique. It seems to have a more melancholy tone, but around 2 minutes and 19 seconds, as it begins to slow down and then gain up speed, my mind starts to go a little bit wild. It’s almost as though the music is urging the listener to go on swimming. A gratifying conclusion is reached not long after the bass is played for the first time.

Okay. Although at first, I was reluctant to share this music on my site, I have decided to go ahead and do so now. This is without a doubt one of my all-time FAVORITE SONGS. I can’t resist listening to weird music of the Jersey club variety. My heart rate increases in direct proportion to the number of beats per minute. I really like the lyrics, the soft sound of the harp and guitar, and even the bed squeaks that are cleverly placed throughout the track.

This is a new item that was just added to the list. This song exemplifies all that is great about electronic music, and Draper is a highly well-known electronic musician. Its positive emotions and carefree spirit of it make for an enjoyable and energizing experience. To tell you the truth, it’s simply reliable music that makes you feel good.

Because I have such a strong affinity for this tune, I was upset when I saw it on a friend’s list of favorites and realized that he had never really given it to me to listen to. And that is all.


The backstory of this song is very hilarious. While I was in the vehicle with my mother, I decided to check the email associated with my YouTube account and saw that someone had written to me from Australia. I’m not going to copy and paste the whole email into this space, but here’s a snippet of what it says:

The track is arguably one of the most “uplifting” or “beautiful” tracks I have done, which in a sense reminds me of you. As a result, the name “Lily” felt suitable when it came to titling the track. I just saw your video titled “What Is ASMR,” and it truly irritates me that people give you sh*t since you have literally saved my life. Thank you.

It is impossible for me to adequately convey how much assistance you have provided to me. You are an incredible person, and I cannot thank you enough.

After the entire incident with the university, he sent this to me around a month or two later, and the fact that he did meant the world to me and it still does.

The album closes up with a track by Autograf that sounds like it was inspired by a tropical house. I had to go back to my hometown for the Fourth of July, so I didn’t get to see them when they were in Texas recently, but this new remix of Lorde’s song “Team” blows my mind in every way.

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